[collectd] Wireshark dissector for collectd network plugin

Bruno Prémont bonbons at linux-vserver.org
Sun Dec 28 13:34:41 CET 2008

As suggested on IRC, here is a patch to Wireshark that adds dissector
for collectd network packets.

It currently supports:
- dissect the different parts
- for MESSAGE and VALUES parts, suggest what
  collected whould dispatch (no sanity-checks)

Statility status:
- I'm not sure the double decoding is right... I have just used the
  ieee double support from wireshark - this might not work as expected
  on some architectures!
- Notification parts are not tested

The attached patch is against wireshark source (1.0.5 release).

To use, unpack wireshark, apply patch, run autogen.sh and then proceed
with configure as usual.
To just compile the plugin and use it with installed wireshark, after
- make -C plugins/collectd
- cp plugins/collectd/.libs/collectd.so /path/to/installed/wireshark/plugins/

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