[collectd] plugins on sles9 without .so ending ?

Dieter Bloms collectd at bloms.de
Fri Apr 4 14:17:44 CEST 2008


I build collectd-4.3.2 on a sles9 system (with all available patches)
and the plugins were generated without the .so ending.
On sles10, the plugins ha the .so ending.
The problem ist, that the function plugin_load () in plugin.c searches
for typename with .so endinf:

       if (snprintf (typename, BUFSIZE, "%s.so", type) >= BUFSIZE)
                WARNING ("snprintf: truncated: `%s.so'", type);
                return (-1);

as result of this, collectd doesn't found any plugin.
What is the best workaround for this ?
Should I rename all plugins ?



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