[collectd] collectd & libvirt

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Tue Oct 30 17:18:53 CET 2007


I'm one of the maintainers of libvirt (http://libvirt.org/).  We 
recently added performance monitoring support to libvirt.  In particular 
it allows you to pull out disk and network I/O statistics for your 
running guests[1][2].

         | guest1 | guest2 | guest3 | guest4 |
         |        |        |        |        |
         | domain 0 (management)             |
         | libvirt runs here                 |
          Physical machine

 From what I understand the model is a bit different from collectd 
because you don't need to run a daemon in each guest.  Instead the stats 
are collected from the management domain, as in the diagram above.

Anyhow, we are also interested in centralising our performance data 
collection and monitoring, so that you can monitor lots of physical 
machines from a central station.  And one of the things we are looking 
at is collectd + nagios for this.

So I wonder if anyone has looked into writing a libvirt plugin for 
collectd?  I will have a go at this in the few days, but if others have 
already done some work on this that would be a nice shortcut.


[1] http://www.libvirt.org/html/libvirt-libvirt.html#virDomainBlockStats
[2] http://www.libvirt.org/html/libvirt-libvirt.html#virDomainInterfaceStats

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