[collectd] collection.cgi reports error when processing TIME_WAIT data

James Valente dev at zupercomputer.net
Thu Nov 1 09:51:41 CET 2007

When invoking the collection.cgi script, I receive the following error 
output for each directory of "tcpconns-[portnum]-local" data.

    [Wed Oct 31 21:51:04 2007] collection.cgi: RRDs::graph:
    invalid rpn expression in: TIME_WAIT_avg,UN,0,TIME_WAIT_avg,IF
    at /usr/local/lighttpd/htdocs/cgi-bin/collection.cgi line 2446

The line number refers to the "if" line of code in the 
"meta_graph_generic_stack" sub of the collection.cgi script.  (I point 
this out, because my version of collection.cgi is slightly different 
after I added a couple of "use lib [directory]" lines.

   RRDs::graph (@cmd);
   if (my $errmsg = RRDs::error ())           # line 2446
     confess ("RRDs::graph: $errmsg");

There appears to be something wrong within the tcpconns TIMW_WAIT RRD 
files themselves.  After shutting down the collectd daemon, I then 
deleted all TIME_WAIT files.

    rm tcpconns-*/*TIME_WAIT*

I then re-invoked the collection.cgi script successfully, with a graph 
resulting -- albeit without any TIME_WAIT data.

I have uploaded an "rrdtool dump" version of my TIME_WAIT RRD data file 
to the following web site.  There, you will find a complete, gzip 
compressed version of the TIME_WAIT file, as well as a version with all 
data points removed.


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