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Florian Forster octo<span style="display: none;">.trailing-username</span>(a)<span style="display: none;">leading-domain.</span>verplant.org
Mon Feb 12 15:23:10 CET 2007

Hi Florent,

thanks for your plugin :)

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 02:54:23PM +0100, Florent wrote:
> How it works:
> - read function rrd_fetch a rrd file in the local filesystem and
>   submit some values
> - write function stores the transferred values in another RRD file

Reading the values from an RRD-file and store them in another seems a
bit hack-ish to me. However, the lighttpd-guys seem to have implemented
a `mod_status'-module which is almost identical to the one found with
Apache. From what I can see in their wiki the `apache'-plugin should
work with lighttpd, except `BusyServers:' which would need to be added
to the `apache'-plugin.

> My plugin almost works, the only issue is the different step between
> the source RRD file (the lighttpd generated one: 60) and the
> destination RRD file (wrote by collectd on destination server: 10).

Yes, that's why I think it's hack-ish: Unless the RRD-file has a `LAST'
RRA you gen consolidated values and even if you get the plain values out
of a `LAST' RRA, you have the problem with `MIN' and `MAX'.

Would you mind giving the `apache'-plugin a try? Adding support for the
`BusyServers'-field shouldn't be a problem..

Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
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