[collectd] collectd-4.0.7

a.shubnik at btis.by a.shubnik at btis.by
Thu Aug 30 17:33:53 CEST 2007

>>    But when i run 'make' command on machine without 'NUT' installed
>> i get follow error:
>> nut.c:42:3: error: #error "Unable to determine the UPS connection type."
> Hmpf, apparently I didn't think far enough. I'll fix this in the next
> pach-release, but for now you'll need to pass `--disable-nut' to the
> configure script.
>> Another options i don't disabled and haven't many programs and haven't
>> any error messages.
> That's the old behavior inherited from version 3. Starting with version
> 4.1 the configure script will automatically disable plugins whose
> dependencies are not met. If you force to build a plugin using
> `--enable-foobar' it will likely fail to build - unless you know
> _exactly_ what you're doing and do a better job than the configure
> script ;)

     Yes, its will be very comfortable!

>> Now (after i recreate 'var/lib/collectd' directory) when i entering in
>> any parameter on html page i don't see any graphs (only empty page
>> with link "Back to list of plugins")
> Can you see any error messages in the webserver's error log? Are there
> files created in that directory? Are there actually RRD files in the
> directory? (See below.) Hows the rrdtool plugin configured?
>> can i disable to create rrd-bases on client machine (i don't loaded
>> 'rrdtool' plugin). I want to have data only on server?
> Yes, if you don't load the rrdtool plugin no RRD files will be created.
>> why collectd creates new rrd-data files for every new day?
> It doesn't. The rrdtool plugin created one RRD file for each ``value
> list'' received or collected which is then updated again and again and
> again.
> The `csv' plugin, on the other hand, creates one file per day because it
> doesn't write the data in a round robin fashion and handling huge
> textfiles isn't a nice job.
> Please check if you have the `csv' plugin loaded. It doesn't write RRD
> files, but it writes the data to files nontheless. In general, disabling
> plugins you don't need is a good idea.

     Yes, i understand. Thank you very very much.
     I disable both 'csv' and 'rrdtool' plugin on client machine and disable
'csv' on server and got all what i wanted.


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