[collectd] collectd 3.10.1 segfault after several days

Muralito muralito at montevideo.com.uy
Mon Oct 2 21:09:31 CEST 2006


Collectd 3.10.1 segfaults after several (6 or 7) days in use.
The following messages are in the system log.

Sep 23 13:55:24 sc430 kernel: collectd[28438]: segfault at 
00002b8f00000018 rip 00002b8f8bd28490 rsp 00007fff1f3b2e00 error 4
Sep 29 11:17:27 sc430 kernel: collectd[3632]: segfault at 
00002b6600000018 rip 00002b6694b17490 rsp 00007fff165c4340 error 4

Any hints are apreciated.


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