[collectd] collection.cgi issue with vserver

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Thu May 11 15:23:36 CEST 2006

Hi Clause,

> Note No 2: Would be nice, if all rrd's which the vserver plugin creates
> would begin with "vs_". This could avoid confusion if you've have the
> vserver plugin installed and another instance of vserver runs as client
> inside this vserver to produce some additional data...

The reason for having such an "inconsistent" naming schema was to
differentiate VServer rrd's that do not match already existing ones (in regard
to their DS's). If you have a look at the DS's of
vserver-$XID/{load,traffic-$NAME}.rrd and compare those with load.rrd and
traffic-$NAME.rrd, you'll see that they are pretty much the same. So, it would
not make much sense to give them different names. However,
vserver-$XID/vs_memory.rrd is completely different from memory.rrd... I hope
you get the point ;-)

Besides, having the same names for the VServer rrd's and the non-VServer rrd's
made it easier to update collection.cgi - in fact, no changes were necessary
for the load and traffic files ;-)

I don't really get the point why this naming scheme creates confusion. All
VServer related rrd's have been put in a vserver-$XID subdirectory to avoid
any confusion. If you have collectd running inside a VServer it will create
its rrd's in it's own filesystem...

Sebastian "tokkee" Harl
GnuPG-ID: 0x8501C7FC

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