[collectd] collection.cgi issue with vserver

Claus Herwig lists at checon.de
Wed May 10 18:40:20 CEST 2006

Sheshka, Alexey wrote:

> I have installed collectd it works  fine, but collection.cgi doesn't
> shows anything  about  vservers at
> http://myserver/cgi-bin/collection.cgi/vservers/7269
> Apache log says:
> [Wed May 10 17:26:56 2006] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Premature
> end of script headers: /home/rrd/cgi-bin/collection.cgi

I got this on my first try, too. Seems because collection.cgi can't
handle the two step deep directories, which the plugin creates.

Just go to /var/lib/collectd and do
ln -s <your_server_name>/vserver-7269 vs7269

Note No 1: Remember that dynamic vserver contexts aren't good. Next time
you start your vserver you'll get another context ID and various things
will be broken. So just do
cat > /etc/vserver/<vservername>/context
and set a fixed context id (single line with any integer number of your

Note No 2: Would be nice, if all rrd's which the vserver plugin creates
would begin with "vs_". This could avoid confusion if you've have the
vserver plugin installed and another instance of vserver runs as client
inside this vserver to produce some additional data...


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