[collectd] CollectD 3.9.2/3 source install on a Gentoo box...

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Sun Jun 25 09:26:55 CEST 2006

Hi David,

On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 12:19:59PM +1000, David Elliot wrote:
> I've noticed with (source) releases 3.9.2 and 3.9.3 that the
> installation step deposits the files into /opt/collectd rather than
> /usr/local/collectd that the docco suggests.

thanks for the hint. I think you're referring to the `INSTALL' file. The
problem here is that this file is automatically added to the
distribution by `automake --add-missing' and that doesn't, for whatever
reason, evaluate `AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT'. Maybe I should report a bug to the
automake ML..

On the other hand, this file is only copied from the automake runtime
files, not really generated. While that's an reasonable default maybe we
should add the file to the repository, automake won't overwrite it

> The install also doesn't copy in the collectd.conf file to
> /opt/collectd/etc where it's needed, so users will need to do that
> manually post-install.

I'm sure I didn't do that for a reason, but I don't recall it right now.
So it's probably more intuitive to install some default config.

> Also the lib files in /opt/collectd/lib/collectd/ need to be manually
> copied into /usr/lib/collectd.

Why's that? Doesn't it work otherwise? I install (development versions
of) collectd in `/tmp/whatever' all the time and it works flawlessly.

If you run `./configure' and `make' more than once to get things
straight, the build system occasionally doesn't notice a file should be
rebuilt. If that's what you did, try running `make clean' before
building and installing.

> > From /var/log/daemon.log:
> Jun 24 22:15:51 localhost collectd[10621]: Invalid value for config option `Mode': `Local'

The `Local' mode is only valid when linked against `librrd'. By default
RRDTool is installed under `/usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.50' (of course this
varies with your version). Try adding the following option to your call
to `./configure' and check the summary at the end:
  ./configure --with-rrdtool /usr/local/rrdtool-1.0.50

> > From command line:
> Option `DataDir' is not valid in this mode!
> Option `PIDFile' is not valid in this mode!

That should never happen and is most likely a bug. I'll look into that.

Florian octo Forster
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