[collectd] Version 3.10.0 available

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Sun Jul 9 16:21:47 CEST 2006

Hello everybody,

I've just uploaded version 3.10.0 to the website. Since I didn't have
time to pack a release for quite a while there are lots of new features
in there. I'll just quote the ChangeLog:
-- 8< --
 2006-07-09, Version 3.10.0
	* The `disk' plugin has been ported to Darwin.
	* The `battery' plugin should work on many Apple computers now.
	* The `traffic' plugin can now ignore certain interfaces. Also,
	  statistics for sent/received packets and errors have been
	* A plugin to monitor APC UPSes using `apcupsd' has been added.
	  Thanks to Anthony Gialluca for contributing this plugin and
	  providing me with a test environment :)
	* A plugin for moniroting an NTP instance and the local clock
	  drift has been added.
-- >8 --

And there is more news: Sebastians collectd package has been accepted to
Debian (*), so there will be official Debian packages in a (hopefully)
short while. In the near future I'll simply provide backports for Debian
Sarge rather than building own packages. I still built a Debian Sid
package for this release, but if the Debian packages are accepted and on
the mirrors within a reasonable time (let's say a week or so) I might
end up not doing this either..

As always: Any bugreports, suggestions and comments are very welcome :)


(*) I wonder why Sebastian hasn't sent an email himself yet. I hope he
    forgives me spoiling this news.. ;) Thank you very much for
    packaging this :)
Changes since collectd-3.9.4:
      1. (major) The code in apcups.c was adapted from apcupsd-3.12.3 the command
      1. (major) Code no longer calls exit() when it encounters an error. It
      1.  Keeping the socket open on my system, when apcupsd is shutdown, collectd dies as well.
      1. Was erroneously using tokptr vice key.

Florian Forster:
      processes plugin: Added some more error- and debug-messages.
      Merge branches 'processes-fix' and 'solaris-fixes'
      Copied missing files from the subversion repository.
      Merge branch 'svn-trunk'
      Merge branch 'collectd-3.9'
      Merge branch 'collectd-3.9'
      libconfig: Include the license information in the distribution tarball.
      Merge branch 'v39/libconfig-license'
      liboping: Added license and other information.
      traffic plugin: Made it possible to select/ignore certain interfaces.
      traffic plugin: Documented the new optioins in collectd.conf(5).
      liboping: Include information about the package in the source districution.
      Merge branch 'v39/liboping-license'
      liboping: Updated liboping to version 0.2.2
      renamed: contrib/collectd.conf -> src/collectd.conf.in
      collectd.conf: (Un)comment plugins based on the configure-setting. Install the file in `sysconfdir'.
      network: Be more verbose when `network_create_socket' failes due to a wrong `mode'.
      Merge branch 'collectd-3.9'
      traffic plugin: Store the new `if_packets.rrd' and `if_errors.rrd' in a seperate subdirectory.
      Don't overwrite an existing config file. Use `collectd.conf.pkg-orig' instead.
      collectd.conf: Un-comment a valid mode using the automake mechanismn.
      Merge branch 'install-config'
      renamed: src/liboping/liboping.h -> src/liboping/oping.h
      liboping: Updated `oping.h' to version 0.2.2. This has been forgotten previously.
      liboping: Use `oping.h' rather than the (old) `liboping.h'.
      ping plugin: Updated the ping plugin to work with liboping 0.2.2.
      collection.cgi: Add the new network RRD-files `if_errors.rrd' and `if_packets.rrd'.
      Merge branch 'ff/traffic'
      Don't include the debian/ subdirectory in the distribution tarball, since Sebastian has packaged an official package.
      collectd.spec: Added the `ntpd' plugin.
      Bumped version to 3.10.0.
      debian/: Corrected the files needed for building Debian packages.

      Merged addition to ChangeLog back from tags/collectd-3.9.0
      Set object options to the default values, when creating the object. This may have failed the `ping' plugins initialization..
      Only include `dict_get_double' when using IOKit or CoreFoundation. This caused a build on Linux to fail before..
      Simple fix for the swap plugin. This needs to go into 3.9.1
      Corrected the define's in the apache plugin so it'll build without libcurl.
      Disabled all `kstat' code in the nfs plugin. This failed builds on Solaris..
      Fix for this:
      Check for `nanosleep'. If not found, look for `librt'. Abort if `nanosleep' is missing.
      Fix this:
      Cast pointer arithmetics to make weird gcc versions happy.
      Only link against libraries that are needed. E.g., don't link evey plugin to `libkstat' but only those who actually use it.
      Corrected inclusion of `sys/swap.h'.
      Fix this (a pointer was compared with an integer):
      Fix this (need to cast void-pointer to function-pointer to make Sun-cc happy):
      Link liboping with `libsocket' if it's needed for `socket' to work.
      Added `contrib/add_rra.sh' which allows to add an very detailed RRA to old RRD files.
      Added `contrib/README'
      Added the config option `cacert' to the `apache' plugin. This allows to specify a file holding the CA Certificate. This is needed for connecting to SSL hosts that use self-signed certificates.
      Added information about the new `cacert' option in the `apache' plugin to `collectd.conf(5)'.
      Changed the `traffic' plugin to generate `packets' and `errors' statistics, too.
      Added RRD files of the `apache' plugin to `collectd(1)'
      Added the RRD files of the `apple_sensors' plugin to `collectd(1)'
      Added RRD file of the `cpufreq' plugin to `collectd(1)'
      Added the RRD files of the `wireless' plugin to `collectd(1)'
      Added the RRD files `if_packets' and `if_errors' to `collectd(1)'.
      Renamed the new RRD files: Move the files in a subdirectory when a new major version is about to be released. For now, don't do it to be more consistent..
      Changed the fixed heartbeat of `25' with the string `HEARTBEAT' in trunk/src/collectd.pod
      Added `package' and `errors' counter for libkstat to the `traffic' plugin.
      Applied patch by Peter Holik to work with arbitary length device names (when using the `KERNEL_LINUX' read method).
      A first port of the `swap' plugin to Mach/Mac OS X
      Corrected/removed fixme-note.
      Changed the build system to
      Added a config option to the traffic plugin to ignore certain interfaces. Thanks to Sune Marcher for the patch.
      Updated ChangeLog; also added version 3.9.1
      Removed `trunk/src/libping/', since it's obsolete.
      Fixed the nasty bug in the ping plugin: The sequence wasn't checked correctly. Argh.
      Merged changelog entries from versions 3.8.5 and 3.9.1
      Merged stuff from branches/collectd-3.9: After release 3.9.2 the ChangeLog additions were not copied..
      Added `apcups.c' by Anthony Gialluca <tonyabg at charter.net>
      Added the apcups plugin to the build system.
      Cleaned up the apcups plugin some more..
      Fixed miscellaneous small stuff..
      Copied trunk to `branches/apcups'
      Changed the network code to use `getaddrinfo' rather than the old style name resolution.
      Simplified the `submit' and `write' functions of the `apcups' plugin. Also changed the DS definitions.
      Rearranged the functions in the `apcups' plugin.
      Renamed `host' and `port' to `global_host' and `global_port' to distinguish between the global and the local variables.
      Removed all the conflicts from the apcups-plugin again.
      apcups.c: Closed run-away comment. Sorry.
      Define the `APCMAIN' define in any way. Set it to zero if building as a plugin (default).
      Changed the apcups plugin to keep the socket open.
      Changed the build-system to only use the getifaddrs-code under Linux, if the user specifically said to do so.
      traffic plugin: Store the packet- and error-counter for the proc interface, too.
      Build the `submit_{packages,errors}' functions when the proc interface is used..
      Added the `Ignore' config option of the `traffic' plugin to the collectd.conf(5) manpage.
      Created the `ntpd' branch.
      Copied `ntp-4.2.0a+stable/include/ntp_request.h' to the source directory.
      hddtemp.c: Don't try other sockets if one could be opened..
      Added `sread' and `swrite': `read' and `write' like functions that assure that all data is written or fail completely..
      First (incomplete) code for querying an ntpd.
      Added `ntp_{types,machine}.h' from the NTPd distribution.
      ntpd.c: Fixed most syntax errors.. Removed the inclusion of `ntp_request.h' since it has too many dependencies.
      Added a call to `poll(2)' to the ntpd plugin. Also added some needed time calculation for the timeout.
      ntpd branch: Fixed misspelled variable name in common.h.
      ntpd branch: The ntpd-plugin compiles and gets _some_ values. Doesn't entirely work yet, though.
      ntpd branch: Added some debug messages to the ntpd plugin. Also changed it to request `kern_info' rather than `sys_info'. `peer_stats' or something is still to be done.
      ntpd branch: The ntpd plugin now requests the `peer info summary' but doesn't record it yet.
      ntpd branch: Added `frequency_offset' and `time_offset' to `collection.cgi'
      ntpd branch: Added the reverse-lookup for both, IPv4 and IPv6 to the ntpd plugin.
      ntpd branch: Added config-code to the ntpd plugin, so one can configure the host and port to use/query.
      ntpd branch: The ntpd plugin now resolves the `127.127.$id.*' addresses to the reference-clock name.
      ntpd branch: Added the collection of the `time_dispersion' and `delay' values to the ntpd plugin.
      ntpd branch: Added `time_dispersion' and `delay' to the `collection.cgi' Also, changed `time_offset' to use `Seconds' and let RRDTool scale that to milli- or micro-seconds.
      ntpd branch: Removed the headerfiles that were copied from the NTPd distribution: They are not used (anymore).
      ntpd branch: Close the ntpd-socket if a read or write failes (with something else then EAGAIN or EINTR).
      octo at leeloo:~/collectd $ svn merge -r773:777 branches/collectd-3.9 trunk
      Changed the build system to link against the system's `liboping' if it is found.
      apcups branch: Fix minor issues with the apcups plugin.
      octo at leeloo:~/collectd $ svn merge -r737:784 branches/apcups trunk
      octo at huhu:~/collectd $ svn cp trunk branches/freebsd
      freebsd branch: First attempt at porting the `memory' plugin to FreeBSD.
      freebsd branch: memory.c: Hopefully working version.
      freebsd branch: memory plugin: Quick bugfix. Works under FreeBSD now.
      freebsd branch: memory plugin: Use `errno', not the return value of `sysctlbyname', as argument to `strerror'.
      freebsd branch: swap plugin: Use `sysctlnametomib' to query the mib if we don't know it.
      freebsd branch: memory plugin: Include "utils_debug.h" because DBG is being used.
      freebsd branch: swap plugin: Added the possibility to use `libkvm' to collect swap statistics.
      apcups branch: Fixed some minor issues with the apcups plugin. It's working now.
      apcups branch: Renamed the temperature-DS to `value' to work with existing plugins.
      apcups branch: Renames some RRD files and DSes.
      ntpd branch: Changed the RRD files of the NTPd plugin to store seconds rather than milliseconds.
      apcups branch: Some debug messages and such.
      apcups branch: Don't close the socket after each iteration.
      octo at casella:~/collectd $ svn merge -r784:HEAD branches/apcups trunk
      octo at casella:~/collectd $ svn merge -r754:800 branches/ntpd trunk
      trunk: Documentes the two new plugins, apcups and ntpd
      trunk: Added configuration options for `ntpd' to the `collectd.conf' manpage.
      trunk: Added config options of the `apcups' plugin to the `collectd.conf' manpage.
      octo at casella:~/collectd $ svn cp trunk branches/apcups
      apcups branch: Fixed the behavior of `sread'.
      apcups branch: Removed `read_nbytes' and replaced with `sread'.
      apcups branch: Remove `write_nbytes' and replace it with `swrite'.
      trunk: Updated the `collection.cgi' with the `ntpd' types.
      trunk: fix some fd-leaks
      trunk: traffic plugin: fix linux pkt/err counters
      trunk: Added the `apcups' and the `ntpd' plugins to the `README' file.
      trunk: add .gitignore
      octo at leeloo:~/collectd $ svn merge -r812:815 branches/apcups trunk
      octo at casella:~/collectd $ svn cp trunk branches/disk-linux
      disk-linux branch: Fix a bug in the disk plugin.
      octo at leeloo:~/collectd $ svn merge -r786:HEAD branches/freebsd trunk
      octo at leeloo:~/collectd $ svn merge -r822:823 branches/disk-linux trunk

      Renamed threads to vs_threads in collection.cgi (should have already been done

 .gitignore                |   58 ++
 AUTHORS                   |    3 
 ChangeLog                 |   18 
 Makefile.am               |    4 
 README                    |    6 
 collectd.spec             |   10 
 configure.in              |  309 +++-----------
 contrib/README            |   31 +
 contrib/add_rra.sh        |   67 +++
 contrib/collectd.conf     |   47 --
 contrib/collection.cgi    |  145 ++++++
 debian/changelog          |   12 
 debian/control            |    2 
 debian/rules              |    2 
 src/Makefile.am           |  105 ++++
 src/apache.c              |   18 
 src/apcups.c              |  570 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/battery.c             |  296 +++++++++----
 src/collectd.c            |    2 
 src/collectd.conf.in      |   78 +++
 src/collectd.conf.pod     |   71 +++
 src/collectd.pod          |  282 +++++++-----
 src/common.c              |   64 ++
 src/common.h              |   39 +
 src/cpufreq.c             |    1 
 src/disk.c                |  322 +++++++++++++-
 src/hddtemp.c             |    6 
 src/libconfig/Makefile.am |    2 
 src/liboping/COPYING      |  340 +++++++++++++++
 src/liboping/ChangeLog    |   31 +
 src/liboping/Makefile.am  |    4 
 src/liboping/README       |   28 +
 src/liboping/liboping.c   |  285 ++++++++++++-
 src/liboping/liboping.h   |   93 ----
 src/liboping/oping.h      |   89 ++++
 src/load.c                |    1 
 src/memory.c              |   72 +++
 src/network.c             |    4 
 src/ntpd.c                |  999 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/ping.c                |   35 -
 src/processes.c           |   13 
 src/swap.c                |  136 +++++-
 src/traffic.c             |  283 +++++++++++--
 43 files changed, 4237 insertions(+), 746 deletions(-)

Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
GnuPG: 0x91523C3D
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