[collectd] Version 3.7.2

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Sat Feb 25 11:58:47 CET 2006

> I have tried anyway to set up the cgi scripts. But I can't solve
> this problem:
> # museum.cgi add localhost localhost/var/www/collectd/collection.cgi
> Error: Unable to get data from
> localhost/var/www/collectd/collection.cgi at ./museum.cgi line 231.

I never used museum.cgi.

However, this seems to be a configuration problem. You need to put
collection.cgi in a place where your web-server can find it and where it's
allowed to execute it. Usually, a place like this is called cgi-bin. And, of
course, your web-server needs perl support in some way.

> BTW: I had to install either librrdp-perl or librrds-perl, actually
> I have installed both. IMHO this should be mentioned in the docs.

You need librrds-perl as mentioned in /usr/share/doc/collectd/README (on

  * Sample scripts to generate graphs reside in `contrib/' in the source
    package or somewhere near `/usr/share/doc/collectd' in most distributions.
    Please be aware that those script are meant as a starting point for your
    own experiments.. Some of them require the `RRDs' Perl module.
    (`librrds-perl' on Debian)

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