[collectd] 3.7.0 not working in my setup :-(

Jan Huijsmans bofh at koffie.nu
Wed Feb 1 15:30:52 CET 2006


On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 03:03:28PM +0100, Jan Huijsmans wrote:
> I just upgraded the packages I have installed (debian) and found the
> 3.7.0 version of collectd not to be working in my setup. Was there a
> change from the 3.5.1 version (excluding mysql support) which could
> cause this?
> Oh, Florian, could you keep the 3.5.2-1 version in the software tree
> so people can downgrade with the apt-get install collectd=3.5.2-1
> command? (or if soneone has the packages to download...)
> They can be downloaded via the url, but it would be nice tho... ;-)

Hmmm, i just tried a roll-back to 3.5.2-1 and even 3.5.1-1, but both
failed. I'm currently missing a verbose or debug option to trigger
some extra logging.

Florian, could you enable an option like this. (I suspect you're not
testing without somethink like this)


Jan Huijsmans              bofh at koffie.nu

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