[collectd] sme howto questions - how does collection.cgi work?

Hans-Cees Speel hanscees at hanscees.com
Fri Oct 28 20:00:30 CEST 2005

>  # Last step: Mail all produced (binary) RPM files to me, please.. --
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I did not change the specfile, but the rpm's for sme (and thus rhe4) 
are here:


> As for the collection.cgi: I'm in the process to change that script so
> it works with the network-setup in mind. I haven't decided yet how I
> will publish it once it's `done'.. Right now it's `work in progress'
> and meant for people to have a starting point for own experimants, not
> as a ready-to-use program..

As much as I can understand that I still think it would be supergreat 
if you could  just write like 5 lines in it explaining where it does 
what. Especially what variables come from where. That really makes 
the difference between something that works, and something that is 
usefull in open source communities, still after you stop maintaining 
it yourself.

For instance have a look at this script:


from this link:

It is well documented. And I think only in about 10 lines.

I will try to find a good perl hacker to tell me what your script 
> So, I have to get some breakfast or the coffee will dissolve my
> stomach.. ;) Regards,

try some milk!



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