[collectd] The (upcoming) release of version 3.3.0

Hans-Cees Speel hanscees at hanscees.com
Sun Nov 6 14:23:47 CET 2005


When you make such a module, do you also include them in 
collection.cgi? Because in version 3.2 the module "processes" did not 
work in collection.cgi.

Do you have a planning for re-writing or documenting collection.cgi?

You see in sme I would like to make some script that logs dns and 
smtp traffic to rrd. But in that case I would have to extend the 



> Hello everybody,
> since I spent several hours yesterday to get libtool to act the way I
> want I didn't get as far as I hoped :/ I'll explain below what the
> issue was.
> So this is where I'm at:
> - The serial module seems to be working. It's Linux only at the
>   moment.
> - The nfs module is working fine under Linux, but the Solaris code I
>   added is not working yet. It'll be disabled in this release and I'll
>   release another version as soon as I get that working..
> - The tape module compiles and doesn't crash. I don't have a tape
> device
>   to test is though..
> I'll test all of that some more tomorrow and then pack the release.
> You can consider the current state of the svn to be something like a
> release candidate..
> Regards,
> -octo
> -- 
> Florian octo Forster
> Hacker in training
> GnuPG: 0x91523C3D
> http://verplant.org/

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