[collectd] How to store MySQL statistics?

Niki Waibel niki.waibel at newlogic.com
Thu Dec 22 15:32:39 CET 2005

> It doesn't need root unless you want to use the `ping' or `serial'
> plugins.

or the quota plugin...

>> maybe it would make sense to switch user and group for writing a files
>> ... i think there was a way to switch and then continue work as root.
> Hmhm..
>> maybe the default should be that all privilegues are dropped,
>> and only for special modules that need it those are kept.
>> most things the modules do can be done as user!
> Yeah, that's much better.. Still, _real_ privilege seperation would be
> better, i.e. have one process collecting ping (and serial) statistics,
> another to collect the rest (possibly without any privileges) and a
> third one to write the RRD files. With the upcoming configfile that
> should be easily possible..

could be done like that. but i think for now some other things have
to stabalize a litte bit more...


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