[collectd] How to store MySQL statistics?

Niki Waibel niki.waibel at newlogic.com
Tue Dec 20 17:14:49 CET 2005

>> > Oh, I was wondering, why include a type and name in the filename? With id and
>> > dir you should be able to identify the quota you're storing? (or am i missing
>> > something?)
>> seems you are missing sthg. it makes a great difference if
>> you are counting the
>>         redflag user quota, dir=/home/redflag, id=5000 (uid)
>> or the
>>         redflag group quota, dir=/home/redflag, id=5000 (gid)
>> assuming that NOT JUST redflag CAN WRITE INTO /home/redflag!!!!!
> ---8<---
> You'll get a lot of files this way, but hey, unix should be able to cope
> with them.

well, if someone have > 20000 users, > 1000 groups it could
be some sort of a problem. not for the filesystem, but for the

also imagine you have about 20 mountpoints in addition ...

> To differentiate between uiser or group id I would use the type
> field,

yes, that could be done. sthg like
but for me it is more logically sorted in the fs
if the actual name would come first...
is not very nice.

also you could get rid of either the name (niki) or the id (100).
but i thought that i leave it there. on some sites it could be that 
users names are deleated and overwritten... so it is good imho to
have both fealds there.

> but I'm still missing the use of the name field. The name of the
> group/user can be found via systemcalls


> or in plain files

yes mean /etc/passwd, /etc/groups ???
that is not a good way to get that information.
        a) no caching
        b) what about dns, nis, nis+, ldap environments?
i think that the system calls have to be used.

look at the code in the branch. i am using it already.

> while processing
> the rrddata instead of during data gathering. (or at least, it looks like it
> would simplify the gathering process a bit)

would it? in which function would you recommend to place the
id -> name

are you (Jan Huijsmans) interested in the quota-plugin as well?
also for large-scale companies?


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