[yaala] devel question

qMax yaala@verplant.org
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 18:26:00 +0600

Working on ND tables.
I'm not clearly understand data storage model, and
question is how to get all available values for some field,
when first key has particular fixed value ?

For example look at this:
www.mediasoft.ru/~qmax/test/index.html (then go to "R", a 4D table)
here 'relay' and 'rrelay' are those for sender and recipient.
It is not much fun, that when i select, say "qmax" as sender,
ALL possible relays a listed in next columns, not just those, that was
used by qmax.

The last data table simply skips some keys if there's no data.
But i cannot perform the same test for previous keys.