[yaala] TODO list.

qmax yaala@verplant.org
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 03:59:38 +0600

This is my current list of things TODO.

- generalize input method for file:// and dir://
- parsers for ipac(separate files) and ipac-ng (with plainfile storage);
- redesign data storage and aggregating technique;
- SQLish selection syntax;
  /* to embed "total rows" with implicit selecting "TOTAL(var)"
   * ignore-filtering with 'WHERE predicate'
   * date-range filtering with the same 'WHERE'
   * data labeling with 'AS "label":format'
- arithmetic expressions evaluation and inline-variables;
- redesign combined tables generation, to allow specifying
   table layout more cleanly, in form:
   "FOR rows / cols / tables / pages"
   any part is keylist or empty to put aggregations there;
Currently have:
- default file:// method, backward compatible;
- 'ident' in squid log. with proper ru translation;
- minor changes in HTML output and qmax.css :)
- "--debug" commmand-line option;
- will send patch soon;