[liboping-changes] pkg-liboping: annotated tag "liboping-1.0.0" created. liboping-1.0.0

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Thu Oct 13 15:10:53 CEST 2011

The annotated tag "liboping-1.0.0" of project "liboping Debian package"
has been created
        at  8ec1c90b825a3bfa9f53228b14de3c99391ca094 (tag)
   tagging  b40c42896ca559087c19cbfd21ede27fe1eabaa7 (commit)
  replaces  Net-Oping-1.02
 tagged by  Florian Forster
        on  Tue Feb 17 15:01:27 2009 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag for version 1.0.0
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Florian Forster (14):
      src/liboping.c: Fix an incorrect assertion in `ping_timeval_add'.
      bindings/perl: Use OPING_VERSION to enable the work-around for 0.3.5.
      build system: Added some serious voodoo to make MakeMaker behave.
      bindings/perl: Improve license information and fix typos in the documentation.
      bindings/perl: Fix error handling in Perl:ping() and XS:_ping_iterator_get_hostname().
      bindings/perl: Update license information in the XS file.
      bindings/perl: Add support for the number of dropped packets.
      src/liboping.c: Fix a (too conservative) off-by-one error in ping_iterator_get_info()
      src/liboping.c: Beautify two debugging messages.
      ChangeLog, README: Updated information for the 1.0.0 release.
      Bumped version to 1.0.0.
      src/mans/*.pod: Updated copyright information.
      src/{lib,}oping.c: Don't cast `size_t' to `unsigned int' when printing.
      src/{lib,}oping.c: Fix a few problems -Wextra has found.

Sebastian Harl (1):
      bindings/perl/Makefile.PL: Let the Perl module depend on liboping.la.


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