[collectd] SNMPv3+DTLS support for collectd-snmp

Graham Leggett minfrin at sharp.fm
Fri Mar 19 14:17:07 CET 2021

On 12 Jan 2021, at 16:27, Graham Leggett <minfrin at sharp.fm> wrote:

> As part of that work I have added the required support to collectd-snmp to support DTLS/TLS with SNMP. This involved teaching collectd how  to pass the correct additional parameters.
> Two PRs have been submitted:
> https://github.com/collectd/collectd/pull/3803 - support DTLS parameters.
> https://github.com/collectd/collectd/pull/3805 - support for SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512

Another quick ping on this one, is someone able to take a look?

Currently CI failures are due to EL6 support no longer being functional as I understand.


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