[collectd] dbi plugin loading issues in collectd

Dhananjay Joshi dhananjayingroup at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 13:31:00 CET 2020

I want to use dbi plugin for sqlite3 db on my linux , configured the
collectd.conf for the same.
also built libdbi.so , libdbdsqlite3.so  for the same , but getting the
below erros.

>  dbi plugin: cdbi_init: dbi_initialize_r failed with status -1.
>  Initialization of plugin `dbi' failed with status -1. Plugin will be
> unloaded.
> Started Statistics collection and monitoring daemon.
> plugin_unregister_read: No such read function: dbi
> Error: one or more plugin init callbacks failed.
>  Initialization complete, entering read-loop.
> dbi plugin: cdbi_connect_database: dbi_driver_open_r (sqlite3) failed.
> dbi plugin: Maybe the driver isn't installed? Known drivers are:
>  read-function of plugin `dbi:HMDatabase' failed. Will suspend it for
> 20.000 se
> conds.

Any specific process to load these sqlite database driver plugin in
collectd ?
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