[collectd] Go-collectd feature tracker

Ranganath, Sunku sunku.ranganath at intel.com
Tue Jul 7 01:56:59 CEST 2020

Hi All,

Put together a document for tracking features with in go-collectd framework [1].
This helps track the features that are already implemented and features that need to be worked on.

Its open for anyone to edit and provide feedback. Please feel free to add to the list of features you like to be available within the framework.
Volunteers are welcome to pick up any features that they want to implement.

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DADPpZY_VmTrm2B40eo_6v8mHskxlCJcixNcPxsQlzQ/edit

Sunku Ranganath

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