[collectd] collectd-5.10.0 available

Matthias Runge mrunge at matthias-runge.de
Fri Nov 15 11:55:30 CET 2019

Hello everybody,

we're proud to announce the availability of our new feature release,
collectd 5.10.0. There are a few new features and bug fixes and they
are all mentioned in the ChangeLog below.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

* https://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.10.0.tar.bz2


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this version. In particular:
Andrew Bays, Chris MacNamara, Christian Bartolomäus, Dagobert Michelsen,
Fabien Wernli, Fabrice Fontaine, Jan-Philipp Litza, Matthias Runge,
Pavel Rochnyak, Ryan Mccabe, Ruben Kerkhof,

2019-10-17, Version 5.10.0
	* turbostat plugin: Power metrics update for recent server CPUs.
          Thanks to Chris MacNamara. #3276
	* turbostat plugin: Fix warnings generated by the turbostat
          plugin. Thanks to Ryan Mccabe. #3340
	* ZFS ARC plugin: New cache values are now read on Linux. Thanks
          to Jan-Philipp Litza. #3247, #2843
	* connectivity plugin: monitor the network interface up/down
          status via the netlink library. Thanks to Andrew Bays. #2622
	* sysevent plugin: A new plugin that monitors rsyslog for system
          events. Thanks to Andrew Bays. #2624
	* procevent plugin: A new plugin that monitors process
          starts/stops via netlink library. Thanks to Andrew Bays. #2623
	* daemon: Check if plugin actually loaded before reporting
          configuration issues. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak. #3217
	* daemon: Recover setlocale() call in src/daemon/collectd.c
          do_init(). Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak. #3181, #3214
	* Build System: Only include <sys/sysctl.h> when needed. Thanks
          to Ruben Kerkhof. #3298
	* Build System: Link to libnsl.so if needed for inet_ntop().
          Thanks to Dagobert Michelsen. #3291
	* Build System: Remove double "without" added by commit b781871.
          Thanks to Fabrice Fontaine. #3261
	* Build System: fix compile time issues. Thanks to Matthias
          Runge. #3179, #3242, #3245
	* Build System: Fix activation of snmp_agent. Thanks to Fabrice
	  Fontaine. #3241
	* Build System: Fix bug that leads to CPPFLAGS gets overridden
          with CFLAGS when libxmms is enabled.
          Thanks to Dagobert Michelsen. #3207
	* perl module: Collectd::Plugins::Openvz: Fix indentation of
          some closing curlies. Thanks to Christian Bartolomäus. #3239
	* tree-wide: Fix a few issues found with LGTM.
          Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3252
	* tree-wide: fix ssnprintf wrapper. Thanks to Fabien Wernli.
	  #3237, #3232, #3235, #3236
	* tree-wide: Fix make check. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3306
	* CI System: Travis: switch to Bionic.
          Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3307
	* CI System: Travis improvements for MacOS.
          Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3308
	* MySQL plugin: Minor documentation improvements.
          Thanks to Christian Bartolomäus. #3288
	* Java plugin: Fix typo in an error message.
          Thanks to Matthias Runge. #3285, #3286
	* sysevent plugin: Add a few missing calloc result checks in the
	  sysevent_init function. Thanks to Andrew Bays. #3282
	* ZFS ARC plugin: A bug that caused the first to values to be
          skipped was fixed. Thanks to Jan-Philipp Litza. #3246
	* SysLog plugin: restore previous behaviour: fallback to info
          for unsupported level. Thanks to Fabien Wernli. #3236, #3238
	* virt plugin: Fix memory leak with libvirt MetadataXPath
          enabled. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyak. #3225, #3228
	* GPU NVidia plugin: Fix build of the plugin.
          Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #3320

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