[collectd] Warning-Error of ovs_stats plugin

Georgia Panoutsakopoulou gpanoutsak at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 15:16:14 CET 2019


We are trying to use ovs_stats collectd’s plugin but it comes with an
error-warning and the metrics that are exposed are not stable.

We use openvswitch 2.11.0, dpdk 18.11.1 and collectd 5.9.2 (package
libyajl-dev is installed) with configuration:

<LoadPlugin ovs_stats>

   Interval 1


<Plugin ovs_stats>

  Port "6640"

  Address ""

  Socket "/usr/local/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock"

  Bridges "fastbr0"


When running collectd we get the warning:

plugin_dispatch_values: ds->type = if_errors: (ds->ds_num = 2) !=
(vl->values_len = 1)

When we tried it in debug mode the warning became an assertation error:

 assert(0 == strcmp(ds->type, vl->type)) and collectd exited.

The check that fails can be found in this link:

Is there anything that we may be missing and result in this warning?

In addition, some of the metrics (e.g. ovs_stats-fastbr0.dev1/if_packets)
are not exposed constantly and sometimes, when they are exposed, their
values are NaN. Is this expected to happen or does it come as a result of
the above warning?

Note that this warning occurs when using collectd 5.9.2 and not with
collectd 5.8.1.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Georgia Panoutsakopoulou
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