[collectd] '-1 Parsing the values string failed

Hendrik Friedel hendrik at friedels.name
Sun May 12 13:33:39 CEST 2019


I am using this script
echo "PUTVAL $HOSTNAME/exec-$disk/gauge-disk_state interval=$INTERVAL N:$VALUE"
with $VALUE = 1, 0 or U
[full script below for readability]

When running this, I get '-1 Parsing the values string failed' in syslog.
When running the script manually, I get:
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sda/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sdb/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sdc/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sdd/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sde/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sdf/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1
PUTVAL homeserver.fritz.box/exec-sdg/gauge-disk_state interval=60 N:1

What am I doing wrong?

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