[collectd] Counting activity per user

Geoff Kramer kramer.geoff at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 19:53:18 CET 2018

Hoping someone can help me with this

I have a log like
01.01.1970 13:01:01 VIEW user.name [/path/to/the/file/that/they/viewed]
01.01.1970 13:01:01 EDIT another.username

and I am trying to get the count of views and edits per user.
i.e. another.username 23

Im trying to do

  <File "/path/to/my/user.log>
    Instance "Users"
      Regex ".*VIEW\ \([A-z\.]+\)\ \[.*"
      DSType "CounterInc"
      Type "derive"

and assuming I need a group by or other item to get that dynamic instance
naming.if this is even possible.

thanks in advance
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