[collectd] handing on descriptions or names to rrdtool (or other writers)?

Andreas Schuldei andreas at schuldei.org
Thu Mar 2 10:18:01 CET 2017

How can i hand descriptions and names (that i can read from the config file
just fine) on to the writers?

currently i use (unique) hardware IDs in the type_instance field in the
read callback, which then ends up as the filename of the rrd file.

Of course i could switch that and use the description instead of (or
additionally to) the hardware ID - but then i would actually create a hard
mix of the physical sensor and its current purpose, which might change over
time. so i would prefer a more flexible solution - which that is i am not
quite sure. (manually renaming a rrd file to e.g.
BD00000560012C28-temperature_of_secondary_exhaust.rdd" is reasonably
flexible, but it requires an interruption of service. that is a serious
drawback, if you have frequent changes, and many data sources.)
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