[collectd] write plugin in a weired mood

Andreas Schuldei andreas at schuldei.org
Tue Feb 28 17:07:10 CET 2017

i just upgraded from collectd 5.4 to 5.7. after i did that, my rrd files
were not updated anymore. now i see this in the logs:

Feb 28 15:07:24 david collectd[18815]: Filter subsystem: Built-in target
`write': Dispatching value to all write plugins failed with status -1.

Feb 28 15:07:34 david collectd[18815]: Filter subsystem: Built-in target
`write': Some write plugin is back to normal operation. `write' succeeded.

I found
(which talks about the errorcode 2, not -1 as i get).

this is my condensed collectd.conf file.

FQDNLookup true
WriteQueueLimitHigh 1000000
WriteQueueLimitLow   800000
LoadPlugin syslog
<Plugin syslog>
LogLevel crit
<LoadPlugin perl>
        Globals true
LoadPlugin rrdtool
<Plugin rrdtool>
        DataDir "/var/lib/collectd/rrd"
        CacheTimeout 120
        CacheFlush 900
        WritesPerSecond 30
        RandomTimeout 20
  RRATimespan 3600
  RRATimespan 86400
  RRATimespan 604800
  RRATimespan 2678400
  RRATimespan 31622400
  RRATimespan 315576000

<Plugin perl>
           BaseName "Collectd::Plugins"

LoadPlugin "OneWireCtlr"
           <Plugin onewirectlr>
     host ""
type "temperature"
       name "Beschreibung"
        <Plugin onewirectlr>
  host ""
                        type "counter"
                        name "Stromzähler Familie"

<Include "/etc/collectd/collectd.conf.d">
Filter "*.conf"

what am i doing wrong?
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