[collectd] "simple" configuration in curl plugin.

Rodrigo Ramos crackduoro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 20:53:00 CET 2017


I am trying with curl plugin, but I am having troubles with the 
configuration. I have not found which is "simple configuration".

The purpose to use collectd-curl is for gathering two metrics, the site 
is up or down (http code) and the response time.

[2017-02-15 13:37:25] There is a `Page' block within the configuration 
for the curl plugin. The plugin either only expects "simple" 
configuration statements or wasn't loaded using `LoadPlugin'. Please 
check your configuration.

   <Plugin curl>
     <Page "mysite">
       URL "http://mysite.com";
       Digest false
       VerifyPeer false
       VerifyHost false
       MeasureResponseTime true
       MeasureResponseCode true
         Regex "<strong>mysite</strong>"
         DSType "GaugeAverage"
         Instance "mysite"

List of sites I have visited.

* https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Plugin:cURL

* https://collectd.org/documentation/manpages/types.db.5.shtml#custom_types



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