[collectd] one collectd per host

Mahesh Subramanian mahesh.x.subramanian at oracle.com
Thu Apr 13 14:32:00 CEST 2017

Thanks Jerry. i’m not sure i understand the reason though…I don’t think you mean sending data from different plugins at different intervals, right? Because in the conf file interval appears to be overridable at the plugin level:


# Interval at which to query values. This may be overwritten on a per-plugin #

# base by using the 'Interval' option of the LoadPlugin block:               #

#   <LoadPlugin foo>                                                         #

#       Interval 60                                                          #

#   </LoadPlugin>                                                            #


#Interval     10


So, why run more than one even for this reason?




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You can run more than one if you're sending the data at different intervals.   But generally one daemon perhost and whatever plugins you'd like. 

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On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 5:39 AM, Mahesh Subramanian <HYPERLINK "mailto:mahesh.x.subramanian at oracle.com" \nmahesh.x.subramanian at oracle.com> wrote:

Hi experts,


Trying to understand deployment aspect of collectd. Is the recommended configuration to run 1 collectd process per host or vm? Or is there any reason to run more than one? Would appreciate your inputs on this if you could kindly share.


Thank you,


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