[collectd] Collectd plugin zfs_arc

Frederic Daguenet daguenet at skygate.de
Wed Sep 14 14:50:04 CEST 2016

Hi Emma,

i saw your answer very late, because i received no verplant-mails for a long
time by an mail error. :(

I named the wrong os. The right is Debian Jessie 8.0. I installed the following zfs and
collectd packets:

debian-zfs libzfs2 zfs-dkms zfsutils
collectd collectd-core

But no zfs_arc plugin exists. Must i install an additional package?
Or what is wrong?


>Hi Frederic,
>If the config file has 2 #'s in front of a plugin, it means the dependencies have not been met, so the plugin isn't built/can't be run.
>You can try downloading the required dependencies, or it might not be supported on your operating system.
>Best regards
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>Registered Office: Collinstown Industrial Park, Leixlip, County Kildare
>Registered Number: 308263
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>> Hi!
>> We use a zfs storage to store vm's from a Citrix Xenserver. On this storage
>> (CentOS 6.7) collectd is installed to monitor the system. In the plugin list it
>> exist the plugin zfs_arc, but with 2 # uncommented. If i remove the #,
>> collectd tells after restart: zfs_arc plugin not found.
>> What have i to do to, so i can use this plugin with a centos linux?
>> Greetings...
>> Frederic
>> Ps.: Sorry for my english

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