[collectd] small oddities while compiling collected with modbus support on OpenBSD 6.0

Arne Dietrich dha at stanford.edu
Fri Sep 2 23:05:40 CEST 2016


This is just FYI. While compiling collectd 5.5.2 for OpenBSD 6.0 I came across three little things:

Given this configuration string:
 ./configure --prefix=/opt/collectd --with-libmodbus=/opt/libmodbus --enable-modbus --disable-write_sensu

1) I had to copy the contents of /opt/libmodbus/include/modbus to /opt/libmodbus/include . Otherwise the modbus header wont get included.
2) I came across this error message

modbus.c: In function 'mb_read_data':
modbus.c:476: error: storage size of 'sockaddr' isn't known
cc1: warnings being treated as errors

This problem was addressed by
#include <sys/socket.h>

3) The compiler complained about write_sensu before I disabled that option altogether.


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