[collectd] Net able to open port and transfer data from client to server

rahul ramani james_rahul2002 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jan 28 20:45:19 CET 2016

Hi Collectd Users,
I am trying to send the generic stats like cpu,mem from client to server. And populate rrd with that data

But i dont see a port listening on server side
Server config -> collectd.conf

LoadPlugin network

<Plugin "network">
        <Listen "server ip adress" "25826">
        SecurityLevel None
        Interface eth0
TimeToLive 128


[2016-01-29 00:46:56] Exiting normally.
[2016-01-29 00:46:56] collectd: Stopping 5 read threads.
[2016-01-29 00:46:56] rrdtool plugin: Shutting down the queue thread. This may take a while.
[2016-01-29 00:46:56] network plugin: Stopping receive thread.
[2016-01-29 00:46:56] network plugin: Stopping dispatch thread.
[2016-01-29 00:46:56] Initialization complete, entering read-loop.

No error in the logs too. What is missing here ?
Appreaciate your help. RAHUL
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