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> On 24. feb. 2016, at 21.51, Marc Fournier <marc.fournier at camptocamp.com> wrote:
> Collectd User <collectd.org at siimnet.dk <mailto:collectd.org at siimnet.dk>> writes:
>>> On 15. feb. 2016, at 10.55, Collectd User <collectd.org at siimnet.dk> wrote:
>>> Fellow Collectors,
>>> Trying my first exec plugin script, but it’s not working 100%.
>>> I’ve added this type in /usr/share/collectd/types.db on the end point collecting the data:
>>> ssdhealth               health:GAUGE:0:100.1, hours:GAUGE:0:4294967295
>>> and submits data on stdout like this:
>>> PUTVAL d1r1n1/ssdhealth-1I:1:3/ssdhealth 1452173939:100.00:2227
>>> but after coming through my logstash and into elasticsearch, I’m missing health and hours fields in stored ES documents and wondering why only these two rather important fileds are missing…
>>> any hints on howto debug this appreciated, TIA!
>> Any one?
> Mmmh, not sure exactly how the collectd protocol decoder works on the
> logstash side, but I could imagine it needs the matching types in
> types.db. Did you try adding your "ssdhealth" type to logstash's
> types.db ?
> Other than that, maybe try enabling the cvs plugin to make sure
> everything works fine on the collectd side.
Thanks for hinted, started a new collectd with a different config file with just my exec collector and output directly to csv an dit shows values fine :)
Will try to dig further into logstash…

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