[collectd] Version 5.7.0 available.

Florian Forster octo at collectd.org
Mon Dec 12 09:25:50 CET 2016

Hello everybody,

we're proud to announce the availability of collectd 5.7.0. This is a
feature release which introduces many new plugins and features, a
complete list of changes is below.

As announced previously, with the availability of this release we're
discontinuing support for version 5.5.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.7.0.tar.bz2
    SHA-256: 25a05fbdc6baad571554342bbac6141928bf95a47fc60ee3b32e46d0c89ef2b2


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this version. In particular:

  * Akos Vandra
  * Benjamin Gilbert
  * Brock Johnson
  * Chao Yang
  * Dave Cunningham
  * Deyan Chepishev
  * Florian Forster
  * Fredrik Sandebert
  * Harry van Haaren
  * Igor Peshansky
  * Jaroslav Safka
  * John Conroy
  * Kim Jones
  * Korynkevych, RomanX
  * Manuel Luis Sanmartín Rozada
  * Marc Fournier
  * Maryam Tahhan
  * Matthias Bethke
  * Michael Leinartas
  * Mytnyk, VolodymyrX
  * Pavel Rochnyack
  * Pshyk, SerhiyX
  * Rinigus
  * Ruben Kerkhof
  * Sebastian Harl
  * Taras Chornyi
  * Tomasz Torcz


2016-12-12, Version 5.7.0
  * Documentation: The Turbostat plugin section has been improved. Thanks
    to Florian Forster
  * Documentation: The semantics of the "TypesDB" option have been
    improved. Thanks to Florian Forster.
  * collectd: A generic interface for parsing the text protocol has been
    added. Thanks to Sebastian Harl. #1749
  * collectd: Threads now get named, making them easier to track using
    tools such as top, ps, etc. Thanks to Manuel Luis Sanmartín Rozada
    and Marc Fournier. #547
  * AMQP plugin, Write Graphite plugin, Write Kafka plugin: The new
    "[Graphite]PreserveSeparator" option allows retaining the default dot
    separator rather than escaping it. Thanks to Florian Forster. #419
  * Battery plugin: A StateFS backend for gathering statistics has been
    added. Thanks to Rinigus. #1795
  * CPU plugin: CPU aggregation on AIX was fixed. Thanks to Chao Yang.
  * Collectd::Unixsock: Fractional seconds support has been made more
    robust. Thanks to Matthias Bethke. #2052
  * DPDKStat plugin: This new plugin collects DPDK interface statistics.
    Thanks to Maryam Tahhan, Harry van Haaren, Taras Chornyi and Kim
    Jones. #1649
  * gRPC plugin: The "DispatchValues" option has been renamed to
    "PutValues". Thanks to Florian Forster.
  * HDDTemp plugin: The 32 devices limit has been removed. Thanks to
    Benjamin Gilbert. #631
  * Hugepages plugin: This new plugin reports the number of used and free
    hugepages on Linux. Thanks to Jaroslav Safka, Maryam Tahhan, Kim Jones
    and Florian Forster. #1799
  * Intel RDT plugin: This new plugin collects statistics exposed by
    Intel's Resource Director Technology . Thanks to SerhiyX. #1970
  * memcached plugin: The new "Address" option allows connecting to a
    different server than specified by the "Host" option. Thanks to Pavel
    Rochnyack. #1975
  * nginx plugin: Support for reporting failed connections has been added.
    Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #1609
  * Perl plugin: Significant internal reworking has been made. The new
    "RegisterLegacyFlush" option has been added. Thanks to Pavel
    Rochnyack. #1731
  * PostgreSQL plugin: Timestamps are now RFC 3339-formatted local time.
    Thanks to Igor Peshansky and Dave Cunningham. #1918
  * Processes plugin: Internal performance improvements have been made.
    Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #1980, #1981
  * RRDCacheD plugin: The plugin now tries to reconnect upon failed
    operations. Thanks to Sebastian Harl. #1959
  * SpamAssassin: The plugin can now run in Perl's "tainted mode" ("-T").
    Thanks to Akos Vandra. #1962
  * Tail plugin: Support for calculating latency distribution of matching
    values has been added. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack and Florian Forster.
  * Tail plugin: The new "GaugePersist" option has been added. Thanks to
    Florian Forster. #2015
  * Target:Set, Target:Replace, Match:RegEx: MetaData support has been
    added . Thanks to Igor Peshansky. #1922, #1923, #1930
  * turbostat plugin: The new "LogicalCoreNames" option allows switching
    to per-core naming rather than per-CPU. Thanks to Brock Johnson. #2056
  * virt plugin: The new "BlockDeviceFormat" and
    "BlockDeviceFormatBasename" options help controlling the names
    reported for block-device metrics. Thanks to Deyan Chepishev. #2004
  * Write Graphite plugin: A new "DropDuplicateFields" option has been
    added. Thanks to Michael Leinartas. #1915
  * Write Kafka plugin: The "Key Random" setting has been reintroduced.
    Thanks to Florian Forster. #1977
  * Write Log plugin: Support for formatting output in JSON has been
    added, using the new "Format" configuration option. Thanks to Igor
    Peshansky. #1924
  * Write Prometheus plugin: This new plugin publishes values using an
    embedded HTTP server, in a format compatible with Prometheus'
    collectd_exporter. Thanks to Florian Forster. #1967

Best regards,
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