[collectd] rrdcached plugin: Problems with file permissions

Thomas D. whissi at whissi.de
Sat Oct 3 23:47:36 CEST 2015


I want to use an own user for collectd (collectd) and rrdcached (rrdcached).

Therefore the user "collectd" is in group "rrdcached".

I created "/srv/rrdcached{,/data,/journal}" with "chmod 2770" (user and
group is set to "rrdcached").

Collectd is able to create files in "/srv/rrdcached/data/*" but is
unable to update the created file:

> Oct  3 23:20:45 collect0r collectd[32139]: rrdcached plugin: rrdc_update (/srv/rrdcached/data/test1.example.org/load/load.rrd, [1443907245:0.020000:0.100000:0.090000], 1) failed with status -1.

That's because collectd created the file with mode 644.

When changing permissions to 664 everything works.

So isn't it recommended to run both services using separated users?

Maybe we can have a "mode" option in rrdcached plugin to control file
creation or is that a bad idea (i.e. do you recommend to change my setup)?



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