[collectd] collectd-5.5.0 symbol lookup error: interface.so: undefined symbol: ignorelist_create

Matt.Garrett at shell.com Matt.Garrett at shell.com
Fri Nov 13 15:03:11 CET 2015


OS is RedHat 5.10 been using collectd 4.10.9 without any issues
Looking at collectd-5.5.0 , seems to compile fine but on running I get error's around the Network plugins

collectd: symbol lookup error: /opt/collectd/lib/collectd/interface.so: undefined symbol: ignorelist_create

If I remove Plugin Interface and Plugin Network then all is fine (of course no data is going anywhere so not very usfull)

Any idea's


FYI on RedHat 6.6 collectd-5.5.0 seems to work fine , however upgrade plans for the servers is +- 6 months

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