[collectd] question about new "disk" metrics

Markus "Shorty" Uckelmann shorty at koeln.de
Tue Jun 16 06:32:50 CEST 2015

Am 16.06.2015 um 00:20 schrieb Gerardo Herzig:
> Hi all. Im trying to use the "disk" metrics of the new 5.5 colletcd
> version, in order to avoid the "iostat" ruby wraper. What is cool
> about "iostat -x" is the "disk util%", to knowing how stressed the
> disk are.

> So, it is not clear to me what maths are involved in that
> calculations. Anyone knows if it is possible now with the new
> disk-plugin metrics?

Under Linux it should (sorry, haven't checked the code) derive from the
iostats utility. From the man page:

Percentage  of  elapsed time during which I/O requests were issued to
the device (bandwidth utilization for the device). Device saturation
occurs when this value is close to 100% for devices serving
requests serially.  But for devices serving requests in parallel, such
as RAID arrays and modern SSDs, this number does not reflect their
performance limits.

Peace, Shorty

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