[collectd] CPU utilization

Stuart Cracraft smcracraft at me.com
Thu Feb 19 23:17:20 CET 2015

Curious, with exec collectd plugin, when doing the echo of

  PUTVAL fully-qualified-hostname/something/gauge ….

so that the collect parent gathers it, I’ve observed that there
can only be one something in the path. One can’t do:

  PUTVAL fully-qualified-hostname/something/anotherthing/gauge (A)

It is limited to one level.

I’m having to do this to get all the information in:

  PUTVAL fully-qualified-hostname/something-anotherthing/gauge

The problem with that is if there are many metrics, then the visual
(we use graphite) fills up fast and I’d like to keep it hierarchical rather
than a flat space.

Any way in collectd to make it hierarchical as in (A)?


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