[collectd] 5.4.1 configure can't find amqp.h

Riches Jr, Robert M robert.m.riches.jr at intel.com
Tue Feb 3 17:14:06 CET 2015

I'm having difficulty getting the configure script in Collectd 5.4.1 to find the amqp.h I want it to use.  Despite using every option I could think of, reading the configure script to try to find enlightenment, and Googling for anyone else with similar issues, it's still not working.

The build environment is an LXC container, with identical results with the following LXC templates: SLES 11 SP3, Ubuntu 12.04, CentOS 6, and CentOS 7.  Rabbitmq-c version 0.5.2 is compiled before the attempt to compile Collectd.  Prefix is set to /pkg-base/opt, which will later be dropped into /opt in the final DEB or RPM.  These are the options I am giving to configure:

--prefix=/pkg-base/opt --includedir=/pkg-base/opt/include --enable-amqp --with-amqp=/opt/include --with-librabbitmq=/opt/include --enable-cgroups --enable-cpu --enable-disk --enable-interface --enable-ipmi=force --enable-libvirt --enable-memory --enable-processes --enable-vmem

The documentation and output of './configure -h' disagree about whether to use --with-amqp=... vs. --with-librabbitmq=..., so I used both.  Using just /opt or /pkg-base/opt instead of /opt/include for --with-amqp and --with-librabbitmq, produces the same symptoms.  There are copies of amqp.h in /pkg-base/opt/include and in /opt/include.  Among other things, this is the output from the configure script:

checking amqp.h usability... no
checking amqp.h presence... no
checking for amqp.h... no
    librabbitmq . . . . . no (amqp.h not found)

The amqp.h file is definitely present.  The question is how to tell Collectd's configure script how to find it.

Any suggestions?


Robert Riches

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