[collectd] Behaviour of Exec's Putval

baris.cavus brscvs at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 09:48:40 CET 2015


I have an exec method like below .The problem is when i get rrd values, 
very rarely I got a very big value. The first thing comes to my mind is 
somehow two different time values are concatenating.

For ex: in first 30 sec i print $t3 as 125355000 the folowing 30 sec it 
is 36524555
but when i read the value from rrd file it is showing me 12535500036524555

So what might be the problem here? I am missing something ? How can i 
prevent this.


     // here some code runs 30 sec to collect info that gathers $t3,$t1,$t2

     print "PUTVAL myplace/mytype interval=30 N:$t3:$t1:$t2";

there is no spesific configuration in collectd.conf just exec a file, 
not other conf other than defaults

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