[collectd] Preventing collectd high memory usage

Vaughn Wernersbach Vaughn.Wernersbach at bidstrading.com
Mon Dec 14 16:48:19 CET 2015


In order to limit high memory usage (one of my servers hit 94% for collectd) I'm interested in enabling the WriteQueueLimitHigh<https://collectd.org/documentation/manpages/collectd.conf.5.shtml#writequeuelimithigh_highnum> option, but I don't know what value to use.  The docs suggest enabling CollectInternalStats<https://collectd.org/documentation/manpages/collectd.conf.5.shtml#collectinternalstats_false_true>, and that the "write_queue" plugin instance reports the info from CollectInternalStats that I'm looking for.  However, I don't see any "write_queue" plugin nor do I see anything relevant being written by my existing write plugins (syslog and graphite) after enabling CollectInternalStats.

*         How do I obtain data written collected when setting CollectInternalStats to true?

*         Alternately, are there any guidelines for setting the values of WriteQueueLimitHigh?

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