[collectd] Are metric values point in time snapshots or ....?

Pavel V. pavel2000 at ngs.ru
Sat Oct 25 06:51:02 CEST 2014

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> Hi,

> When Collectd emits metrics, say every 10 seconds, does it simply take a snapshot of various
> metric values at that point in time, or does it keep track of metric values during that 10 second
> interval and compute averages and such that it then emits?

The Collectd itself does not track values, it takes snapshot.
But such tracking can be done by kernel or by application itself.
For example, webserver can provide two metrics: "current connections count", which would be taken as
snapshot (peak values between metering would be lost) and "number of requests/connections processed" (metric,
tracked by application). In this example, the first metric value interesting intact, and second
metric value interesting as a rate value. 

If you need to know min/max/average value between collectd measurements, that should be supported by the
application and provided as a value which reset after measurement.

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