[collectd] Forecasting feature

Pavel Tretyakov massapash at ya.ru
Thu Mar 6 19:50:54 CET 2014

Good day!
I'm a ukrainian student (master's degree) and system administrator.  I'm
interested in C/C++ network development and in statistics and forecasting. I
work at the same place where I study and I use collectd to monitor servers. I
would like to know is there a possibility to use forecasting on demand and write
result as usual (rrd or csv). I thought about using plugin system to add this
feature (using C to call R methods or using exec plugin to interact with
forecasting utility).
I'm going to participate collectd project. Please tell me: is there any
possibility to make such feature and will this feature be needful?

p.s. Forecasting model is based on time series (e.g. use several previous
measurements to predict)
Best regards, Pash.

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