[collectd] Ping plugin fails on medium/hogh number of configured hosts.

Alessandro Forghieri alessandro.forghieri at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:48:40 CET 2014

Centos6  64 bits machine, liboping 1.5.1, collectd 5.4.1.

I am trying to use collectd to monitor ping time and interface traffic of
upwards of a 150 hosts, using ping plugin. If I configure all of them,
however, the plugins reports high number (up to not getting any data at
all)  of NaNs on hosts that are perfectly (o)pingable from the CLI. I have
worked on pinpointing the problem on the number of configured hosts:

failures begin when trying to ping upwards of 59 hosts, at which point the
collectd process has about 63 sockets open. So it seems someone is having a
problem with more than that amount of sockets. It does not appear to be a
hard limit, however, because, configuring 116 hosts in theing plugin, I can
see collectd opening 118 sockets. So it could be a per thread thing or
something within liboping or....?

Advanced thanks and cheers,
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