[collectd] onewire plugin does not allow family code 28

downloadmail0815 downloadmail0815 at online.de
Sun Jul 20 17:09:51 CEST 2014

Hello List,
i try to work a bit with the one wire sensor DS18B20+

The Problem with the DS18B20 is: he has a family code of 28..not 10. So 
the onewire plugin seems to ignore the sensor.

The man page says "Currently only temperature sensors (sensors with the 
family code 10, e. g. DS1820, DS18S20, DS1920) can be read. If you have 
other sensors you would like to have included, please send a sort 
request to the mailing list.".

And here it is....

Hardware: DS9490R + 1xDS18B20+
Software: gentoo 64bit with 3.15.5 kernel + "owserver -u" + collectd 
5.4.1 from official portage tree.

Start owserver simple with "owserver -u"

Testing if he is working:

owget returnes:

owget /28.100xxxxx0000

owget /28.100xxxxx0000/temperature12

So....1wire natively works, but not with collectd onewire plugin.

some testings with the onewire plugin offers

Device "-s localhost 4304" <-- works "better" than "localhost:4304".
# Sensor "100285050000/"
# Sensor "28.100285050000/temperature"
# Sensor "28.100285050000 fasttemp"
Sensor "28.100285050000"

onewire plugin: OW_get (/) failed. status = 0xffffffff;

different testings, with or without the hardware ID, with or without the 
familiy code, with or without the special attribute "temperature" or 
"temperature12" won´t work. always the same error.

Can someone help me ?


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