[collectd] [PATCH] write_http plugin : push to opentsdb

Pierre Laden pladen at acipia.fr
Fri Jan 17 15:13:50 CET 2014

Hello list,

Please find attached a patch against collectd-5.4.0 release which aims 
to allow HTTP push to OpenTSDB (http://opentsdb.net/).

The changes are only in write_http.c file. It is basically a fork of 
JSON write http to introduce a new JSON format to allow push to OpenTSDB.

OpenTSDB put API is described here :

You will need to set the "format" configuration option of write_http 
plugin to "JSONTSDB"

Another introduced feature is the ability to change the default buffer 
size of the plugin (default: 4096 bytes). You can now push it to 32768 
bytes, which allow to make fewer but bigger http push. The new option is 
"BufferSize" and takes values between 100 and 32768 bytes. 4096 bytes 
remains the default value if unspecified.

<Plugin write_http>
        <URL "http://mytsdb:4242/api/put">
                 Format "JSONTSDB"
                 #User "myuser"
                 #Password "mypass"
                 StoreRates false
                 BufferSize 32768

It is successfully used with OpenTSDB 2.0 RC2 and collectd 5.1 (debian 
stable) and 5.4 (current). Thanks to Acipia Team (www.acipia.fr) for the 
work !


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