[collectd] Problem with java plugin

Paulo Silva paulojjs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 10:53:33 CET 2014


I'm using collectd to push data to graphite (using collect 5.4.0).

I was able configure it to show most of the information I wanted about a
server (memory, cpu utilization, number of processes, network and disk

Since the server has a Tomcat running I used the java plugin to collect
information using JMX. Everything seemed to work until I noticed that when
I activate the java plugin some of the other data seems to stop working.

After doing several tests I came to the conclusion that a simple
configuration like this:

LoadPlugin java
<Plugin "java">
  LoadPlugin "org.collectd.java.GenericJMX"

Is enough to make some other plugins stop working (for now I have notice
that this plugins affects the processes, memory and apache plugins). From
my tests I was able to verify that the missing data isn't being sent to
graphite but I don't see any errors on the log.

Anyone had this problem before or has any idea on how to fix this?

Paulo Silva <paulojjs at gmail.com>
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