[collectd] ASA VPN tunnel monitoring

Sjoerd de Vries SdeVries at globecomm-europe.com
Wed Feb 26 12:44:13 CET 2014

Hi list,

I am running into a problem with the SNMP plugin when I want to monitor VPN tunnels from a Cisco ASA.

The data is in a table ( but the index is a new int for every tunnel. In other words a tunnel goes down, comes back up and has a new index.
In collectd I put the Index on the remote address ( however this is an IP in hex format. Pushing the data to graphite then results in some strange label values (direct HEX to ASCII).

Is there a way to convert these labels to normal IP addressess (HEX to IP to ASCII) before passing to graphite?
Or maybe is there a better way to monitor the traffic on the VPN tunnels I'm not seeing?

Kind regards,
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